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According to our business expansion, we need lots of new TASKAJI-san (housekeepers registered in our web site) who are good at cleaning, organizing, cooking, childcare  and etc...  You will able to work in very flexible schedule using your great skill!!


TASKAJI Housekeeping

Housekeeping from 1,500 JPY/ hour


What is TASKAJI?

Web Matching service which connect Individuals who wants to work as independent housekeeper and Individuals who need housekeeping services

  1. High salary because of direct contract between individuals (no agency)
  2. Compensation for damage and support center
  3. On the job training is available

Message from CEO Wada

TASKAJI is “housekeeping sharing service” which was launched in 2014. I was a full time working mother and I found this needs of this service through my own experience.

Nowadays the number of double income family is increasing and many families try to solve the problem of lack of manpower for housework by themselves. As the result, the burden of housekeeping is on female’s shoulders mainly and it will prevent for female to have career up, relaxed lifestyle, and having quality time.

In order to let them have better work–life balance, housekeeping sharing is required. It may between partners and families, and also outsource is other option.

Outsource housekeeping was not common in Japan and was not very easy. I wanted to make a safe system which people can easily get high quality housekeeping service with reasonable price like overseas. That’s why I made this TASKAJI service.

Sachiko Wada

You can choose your work category





Child Care

OK: Play inside house or read books with parents accompanied
N/A: Feeding and sick children's special care

Pet Care

OK: Feeding
N/A: Take a walk the dog

You can choose the categories to do in advance.  More categories, more opportunities of getting jobs!!

3 good points of TASKAJI

Flexible work schedule

You can choose area, time and dates you would like to work.  You can update your schedule in 24 hours on line.  

Many TASKAJI-san have double work (they have full time job in a day time and do housekeeping job in their spair time), or work only when their children are at school.  You are free to take long vacation.  All schedule setting is up to you!!

High salary!!
1,200~2,100 yen/h

Hourly rate is 1,200〜2,100 JPY (it will be up according to the evaluation from your customer).  One job is in 3 hours.  You can work max. 9 hours a day.

Many TASKAJI-san earn about 100,000~200,000 JPY monthly.  If you would like to earn a little bit extra money, it's OK to start around 50,000 JPY.

No Japanese is required

If you speak good English, you can work with us because many of our users would like to have English communicaion with you, especially in child care.  If you speak a little bit Japanese, it's better!!  Many TASKAJI-san said that their Japanese speaking ability have improved through the communication with Japanese customers.

It's also good experience for you to see Japanese family's house for cultural learning.

The greatest benefit is compliments from clients!!

You will be surprised to see how much your clients would become happy with your support.  Many of them are new mothers with little children or babies.  They will be very thanksful to you and it will make you so happy!!  It's very meaningful job to fullfill the mentally happiness, too!!

        • Salary 1,200〜2,100 JPY/ hour 
          It will be going up according to your evaluation from your clients.

        • 3 hours work in one location
        • Transportation fee will be fully paid by cash on that day


    • With Japanese cell phone number and internet connection (smart phone or tablet)
    • Valid residence card with no work limitation such as spouse of Japanese citizon, permanent, long term resident, student with work permit endorsement.  Designated Activities, humanity and other working visa is not applicable.
    • English or Japanese speaking ability
    • Responsible, punctual personality and good communication skill
    • Experience of housekeeping as housewive or professional
    • Over 20 years old

    East Japan Area


    West Japan Area


    TASKAJI-san's voice

    50's Female from Philippene

    Cleaning, Laundry, Child Care, Pet Care

    I used to work for other housekeeping agency for years but I could not get enough job after I took a long vacation.  Then one of my friend told me about TASKAJI.  Through TASKAJI I am getting lots of works and the salary is much better.

    If I work just idividually I cannot get that much job opportunities and high risk to be envolved into troubles.  Using TASKAJI service is very good choice for me because I can work as individual contractor to get high salary and lower the risk of direct contract with TASKAJI support.

    The best thing I like is my customers at TASKAJI are all very nice to me and they treat me with respect as their partner to manage their house.  

    At the beginning it was difficult for me to operate smart phone and use Google Maps to find customer's house, but TASKAJI office provided me enough support to make me independent!! 

    I really enjoy working through TASKAJI.  Thank you!!

    30's Female from Philippene with one child (7 years old)

    Cleaning, Cooking, Laundry, Shopping, Child Care and Pet Care

    I am collage graduate but since I married to a Japanese I had been a housekwife for almost 10 years.  I was not confident to work in Japan because my Japanese is not very good.  But with TASKAJI I don't need Japanese.  TASKAJI gave me opportunity to start working again.

    I want leave home to work after my son leave to school, so I ask my clients to shift the start time for 1 hour.  I love this flexibility.

    I work only when I want, prioritize my private schedule.  Being able to control my schedule is great benefit for me.

    20's Female student from India

    Cleaning, Cooking, Child Care

    I love children and I enjoy playing with children as child care.  I have leaned Japanese culture and my Japanese speaking level improved throuth the communication with my Japanese clients.  It's very valuable experience for me to enter Japese family's house and have the real communication with them.

    My clients like my curry and I am glad they enjoy.

    I have classes at school in day time, so I work only evening time and on weekends.



    Attend orientation and interview
    If you are interested in this job, please apply to attend the orientation and interview.  You can get more informations.

    ※Location will be in Tamachi (Tokyo), Center Minami (Yokohama) or Skype (West Japan area only).  Detailed address will be informed by e-mail.

    Please apply from here.


    Register as TASKAJI-san
    If you like the job, you can register as TASKAJI-san.


    Skill check and on the job training
    3 hours skill check test at test center.  If you are not perfect, we can give you some feedback to improve.  Then you will be confident to visit real clinets' house.


    Set up your calendar to get jobs.  
    You will open your calendar of TASKAJI system to show when you are available to work.  If you get requests from clients, please take action to accept the order on line.


    Conduct housekeeping service
    Visit client's house and conduct housekeeping service which the clients ask.  After the service, the client will write a review on line and it will be open to other users.  If the review is very good, it will help you to get anotehr new jobs from other clients.



    Attend orientation and interview
    If you are interested in this job, please apply to attend the orientation and interview.  You can get more informations.

    ※Location will be in Tamachi (Tokyo), Center Minami (Yokohama) or Skype (West Japan area only).  Detailed address will be informed by e-mail.

    Please apply from here.

    TASKAJI Housekeeping

    Housekeeping from 1,500 JPY per hour

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